fix dinner

fix dinnerっていう表現を初めて聞いたので調べてみた。


ここにfix dinnerと打ち込んで検索すると24件ほど出てくる。日本語に訳すなら飯の支度とかそんなところか。OALDで調べたらアメリカ英語でto provide or prepare sth, especially foodという意味らしい。

e.g)Can I fix you a drink?


" said Duvall. " I don't know that I could do it now. It was almost an unconscious thing, like I was -- the hotel must have thought I was nuts. I was screaming, whooping the way black preachers do, and -- " # The actor smiled. From across the living room of his Philomont house came the gentle snore of his old yellow Lab, Boo, while out in the kitchen, through the darkening hallway where Sister, his Jack Russell terrier, lay napping on a chair, Sharon Duvall was beginning to fix dinner. Pasta with tomato sauce and lots of oregano. This sounded pretty good. " Want some pasta? " Duvall offered. By then, the image of him whooping it up in a Budapest hotel room had sunk in as far it was going to on a Thursday night in Virginia, and, anyway, Duvall's head was already down in Texas somewhere. # " J. Charles Jessup, " he said. " I used to hear him preach on the radio in the' 50s.



shut and the bus pulled out in a cloud of blue smoke. But the scene wasn't over. Mama burst out again, howling, and Papa almost had to carry her back to the car, while everybody in the terminal stared at this crazy woman who couldn't control herself in public. Donny followed slowly, scuffing his feet and pretending he belonged to some other family, or at least to some other mother. She cried into her wet handkerchief all the way home, and went straight to bed when they got there. Papa had to fix dinner and the food was terrible, but Donny ate it with a happy heart. He felt like a diver too long underwater, who pops to the surface and takes his first deep gulp of air. Toying with a dish of leatherlike Jell-O, he asked hopefully if Tom were gone for good. " Don't you worry' bout him, Short Stuff, " replied Papa, who was still optimistic in those days. " He's gone for three years and he'll come back a different



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